Composers Gallery

Lili & NB 1913
NB at Fontainebleau 1921 – from the scrapbook of Florence Parr-Gere
NB from 1926
Fontainebleau Brochure
Drawing of NB by Marion Tournon-Branly

Copland, upper left corner, in 1921 Class Photo – Harpist, Djina Ostrowska just below him – NB, lower right corner. Top row 2nd from right is Stanley Avery who tied Copland for 2nd place Composition Prize – no 1st Prize was given that year.
Copland cycling with Djina Ostrowska outside Fontainebleau in 1921 – Djina convinced Copland to take NB harmony class
Copland with his landlady in Fontainebleau
A postcard home from Copland at Fontainebleau 1921
Program for Fontainebleau Concert, September 1921 – Jacques Durand heard Les Chat et la Souris ( IV. b) and asked Copland at intermission if he could publish it.
Copland in the news – Brooklyn Eagle article 1921
Louise Talma (right) from
Fontainebleau class photo with her mother Cecile (left)
Louise Talma at Fontainebleau 1920s
NB Observations 1931
1930 Program – Talma playing Fauré (II.) Talma, an excellent pianist, was just starting to compose
NB with Louise Talma
Louise Talma with her students 1978 – (l-r) Carl “Fritz” Schurtz, Martha Helen Schmidt, Laura Karpman, Joe Baker, Talma, Joe Kerr & Mark Beall
Robert Casadesus with Gaby at Fontainebleau 1921
Robert Casadesus with NB at Fontainebleau
Robert Casadesus Masterclass 1971
George T. Walker Fontainebleau application photo 1947
Robert Levin teaching at Fontainebleau 2019
Robert levin Fontainebleau application photo 1960
Igor Santos application photo 2011
Tonia Ko application photo 2009
Eliza Brown application photo 2006
Richard Carrick at Fontainebleau 1992
Charles Fox application photo 1959
Charles Fox student card 1959
NB observations about Charles Fox
Charles Fox at a Fontainebleau garden party in 1959
Fontainebleau 1987 – (l-r) Raymond Wong, Leonard Bernstein, Bright Sheng & Louise Talma